Refuse Collection for Residents

Refuse Collection Schedule

Weekly residential curbside trash and recyclable collection occurs on the following schedule:
  • East of Buckmarsh Street (Route 340): Thursday
  • West of Buckmarsh Street (Route 340): Friday

Refuse Collection Company

Republic Services of Winchester has been chosen by the Town of Berryville to collect trash in Berryville.  Republic Services will utilize an automated curbside refuse collection system and a standard curbside collection system for recyclable.

Clarke County Convenience Center

The Clarke County Convenience Center operates through a shared agreement with the Frederick County (VA) Landfill & Solid Water system. The Convenience Center is located at 90 Quarry Road (Rt. 612) in the northeastern part of the county. The facility is for Berryville/Clarke County residents only. The center accepts bagged household trash and specific recycling. For more information, visit or call Clarke County at 540-955-5100.

Frederick County Landfill

Berryville residents can enjoy full use of the Frederick County Landfill located on Sulphur Springs Road.  Information about the landfill can be obtained by calling (540) 665-5658 or logging on to their website.
  1. Trash Collection
  2. Recycling
  3. Brush & Leaf Collection
  4. Hazardous Waste & Electronic
  5. Bulk and Appliance Collection

Trash Collection

Automated curbside collection was chosen to provide clean, safe and efficient collection service.  Republic Services provides each residence with a 95-gallon service cart for automated solid waste collection service.
Additional refuse containers can be requested for an additional monthly fee.
Refuse and Recycling Container Important Notice 01.01.2021
Additional Toter Request - Single-Family Residential
Additional Toter Request - Multi-Family Residential
Additional Toter Request - Commercial
Additional Toter Request - Restaurant

Please follow these guidelines in order to obtain the best trash collection service:
  • Waste must be contained in the service container.  Do not leave waste in bags outside of your service container.
  • Do not place trash in your own privately purchased trashcans.  Only the service containers provided to you by Republic Services are of the design and durability for your type of trash service.
  • The truck servicing Berryville has a maximum reach of 9 feet.  Your container should be placed 3-feet from the nearest obstacle (i.e. trees, cars, mailboxes and utility poles).
  • Your container should be placed with the front of the container facing the street.
  •  Your container is labeled with your address; there is no need to place additional labeling on your container.
  • Bulk pickup of furniture and other large household goods must be scheduled through the Town Office at (540) 955-1099 for coordination with Republic Services.  Appliance collection must also be scheduled through the Town Office and will incur a fee.