Tips to Safeguard your Bicycle

The larceny of bicycles is a crime that falls under the old adage "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".  There are several steps that can be taken to help reduce the incidence of theft related to bicycles.  There are also preventative measures that can help law enforcement with the potential recovery of the bicycle if it is stolen.

Secure the bicycle in a garage or shed when you are finished riding. Most larcenies are crimes of opportunity.  If you reduce the opportunity you are much less likely to be a victim.

Use a sturdy chain or locking device when parking your bicycle after arrival at a destination.  Again reduction of opportunity is the first step.

Talk with your children about where they leave their bicycles.  Most stolen bicycles belong to children who leave them laying in the driveway or yard.

Keep a record of important identifying information about the bicycle. This information should include the manufacturer, model, style and color of the bicycle.  There is also a serial number imprinted on most bicycles. The serial number can be located by turning the bicycle over and looking at the assembly that houses the pedals.

Engrave other identifying information on the frame of the bicycle.  This can be any information to make the engraving unique. It is not recommended to use a social security number due to increased incidence of identity theft.

Report the identifying information of the bicycle to your local law enforcement agency.  The Berryville Police Department keeps a database of bicycle information to use in a effort to identify recovered bicycles. Without identifying information such as the serial number, law enforcement agencies can not enter the bicycle as stolen in the Virginia Criminal Information Network.  You can report the bicycle information in person at the Berryville Police Department or send it via email.

If you are a victim of bicycle larceny please report it as soon as possible. Officers only know to look if they are aware the bicycle is missing.

The following basic information is what the Berryville Police Department files in our bicycle database.  Please use this as a guide if you wish to register your bicycle:

Serial Number

Other Identification Number




Owner Name, address and contact number

The hope of the Berryville Police Department is that through education and vigilance we can help reduce the incidence of bicycle theft in the community.