Criminal Record Information

Criminal history record information in the Commonwealth of Virginia may be obtained as follows:

Reportable Offenses

Follow instructions to complete a Virginia State Police SP-167 Form and mail to:

Virginia State Police
Records Management Division Central
Criminal Records Exchange
P. O. Box 85076
Richmond, VA 23285
(804) 674-2024

Non-Reportable Offenses

Search the Virginia Supreme Court Case Management System:

  2. Go to case information and select the type of court that you want to check (General District Courts, Circuit Courts, etc.).
  3. Click on the drop down menu and find the county of the court you want to check.  
  4. Select the type of information you are seeking (traffic, criminal or civil).
  5. Type in the last name (and first, if known) and click on search.
  6. If on the system, the name will appear along with the closest to it alphabetically.  However, it does take a few days for new cases to be added to the system.
  7. Click on the main menu whenever you want to go back (the back button does not work on this system).  You can also change courts if there is something you want to search for in another court.

Note:  Rights of Challenge

An individual has the right to challenge his/her criminal history record information located in the files of the arresting agency.  Procedures noted under Virginia Administrative Code 6VAC20-120-70 shall be followed to process a challenge. Please contact the arresting agency to begin the process.