Cell Phone Donations

Do you have an old cell phone sitting around the house collecting dust? If so, bring it to the Berryville Police Department and we can put it to good use.  

The police department has partnered with a non-profit organization called Secure the Call to help put cell phones in the hands of at risk members of the community.  Even though your old cell phone no longer has a service plan it can still place outgoing 911 calls to the nearest emergency dispatch center.  The Secure the Call organization takes donated cell phones, erases any memory and charges the batteries so an outgoing 911 call can be placed.  The reconditioned phones are then distributed to police departments, sheriff's offices, abused women shelters, and other organizations who may need to summon emergency services at a critical time, but may not have the financial resources to buy a phone.

The program is at no cost to the citizen or the police department, but is dependent on donations form the community.  A collection barrel is located in the police department ready to accept your old cell phone. Your donation is tax deductible and more information about the program is available at www.securethecall.org.