Residents of towns in Virginia must pay real estate and personal property taxes to both the town and the county in which the town is located. Therefore, Berryville residents pay taxes to both the Town of Berryville and the County of Clarke.

Due Dates
Town real estate taxes are due on June 5 and December 5 of each year. Town personal property taxes are due on December 5 of each year.

Delinquent Taxes
The Town of Berryville vigorously enforces collection of delinquent taxes through:
  • Attachment of assets
  • Credit reports
  • Garnishments
  • Tax
  • Tax liens
Rates & Calculations
The Town of Berryville calculates real and personal property taxes using assessments provided by the Clarke County Commissioner of Revenue.

Current Tax Rates

Tax Type
Real Estate
$0.20 per $100 value
Personal Property
$1.25 per $100 value
Machinery and Tools
$1.30 per $100 value
Business License Tax
varies see Business License Page

Meals Tax


Transient Occupancy Tax 

Cigarette Tax $0.10 per pack
More Information
Questions about the assessed value of property should be directed to Clarke County Commissioner of Revenue at (540) 955-5108.
For other tax questions, call (540) 955-1099.